Desert Sonar – comes from my belief that Jesus, the Water of Life, can be found in any desert through the sound of worship.

  Sonar, short for sound navigation and ranging, maps the ocean through soundwaves.  Submarines use this process to measure water and to discover ships.  It is an intriguing process that even helps blind people see with their ears.  Active sonar sends out signals and waits for an echo.  Passive sonar listens for sound.  In prayer, we sure don’t want to hear our own echo.  We want to discover His voice.

Why would I attempt to measure the waters depth in a desert and try to find what I cannot see?  The same reason I send out a listening prayer to the invisible One who gives Living Water; my Lord Jesus.

  In the Gospel of John, a woman came to draw water from a well.  Jesus asked her for a drink.  She wanted to know why Jesus would ask her for a favor.  He told her that if she knew God’s gift and Who was speaking to her that she would ask Him for a drink.  He would have given her living water.  She took Him up on the invitation and asked.


 Why did Jesus even go to Samaria?  I think He must have heard the quiet sonar in her heart for Living Water.  If you are thirsty for Living Water,  Jesus will walk to where you are at, too.  (See John 4)

 There are times when we experience desert life.  Still, Jesus is a prayer away.  For those of us who know Him – we have the promise that He will never leave us.  For those who do not know Him, but desire Him – He hears that prayer, too.  We have to take that promise of Living Water by faith alone.  Thus, the title for my album, Desert Sonar.

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