Songwriter/Pianist and Piano teacher

My name is Helen Knueven.  Who am I?  Sometimes I’m not sure who I am until I write a new song!  I am music activated.  Growing up in Chicago, I spent most of my money on recordings and sheet music.  Music explains the unexplainable and it seems like it knows what I can’t explain.  When I played piano for our church at a young age I found the joy of God’s presence through music.  If you think that no one understands your language, try prayer with music.  You just might be surprised.

I have been fortunate to study music through my life.  Still, I realize that those studies are just part of music.  My real appreciation for it is how it comes to me in an ambulance taking me to the One who heals me.  Connecting with Jesus through music is the ultimate peaceful experience for me.  It’s my desire that others will sense His presence, too.  Music is like smoke that finds its way into the locked doors inside of us.

I saw it happen while I played in a music therapy department of a convalescent center.  People were awakened by songs that impacted them in their younger days.  People who didn’t even talk started singing.

In teaching piano – one of my greatest joys is to help others release their music resident inside of them.  I love working with songwriters, too.

Until Covid hit our fragile planet, I regularly played piano at church for years with my husband, Mike.  We also played for years at a local care center with a dedicated team.  At times, we play at private parties.  You can email me at desertsonar@songsemployed.org.  You can buy my music on my contact page or directly email me.  I currently teach piano via Skype.  Thanks for reading this!  May your songs be employed in the highest service.

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