Looking down on Jesus

Zacchaeus was a disliked tax collector in the Bible. He was too short to see Jesus well in a crowd. So, he climbed up a sycamore tree so he would have a good vantage point of seeing the Lord as he walked by. (Luke 19)  I think that moved Jesus’ heart.

When Jesus saw him, He told Zacchaeus to come on down. Jesus told him that He was going to dwell at his house that day!  What a thrill for him to be noticed by the Master that way and to spend the day with Him! Jesus said that salvation had come to his house that day. When his meeting with Jesus was over – he was a different man!

Zacchaeus said, “Lord, I’m going to give half of my possessions to the poor. If I’ve cheated anyone out of anything – I’ll pay them back four times.” Wow!– the Bible doesn’t say Jesus asked him to do that. But his meeting with Jesus changed him – filled him with compassion, generosity and integrity. What kind of world would we have if we overlooked the politicians and searched out Jesus instead? I’m thinking we would have a much better world.

So Zacchaeus was truly looking down at Jesus as He walked by. Looking Down at Jesus song – is based on this truth and also imagines what it might have been like if Zacchaeus had seen Jesus on the Cross. The Bible doesn’t record Zacchaeus there; but he could have been. I am sure if he had been there – this scene may very well unfolded. But without a doubt, he had been changed by Jesus.

Maybe you’re not in the “in” crowd. Zacchaeus sure wasn’t, but Zacchaeus made it his mission to see Jesus.  He had, no doubt, heard about Him: His miracles, His kindness and the authority which Jesus spoke with in teaching others. When Jesus saw His desire – He didn’t say, “Would you like my autograph?” He showed him that He was not only approachable, but glad to know him and glad to save him. Jesus walks in our lives humbly, kingly and with transforming power. How do you think Jesus looks at you? You might not need to climb a tree, but we all need to seek Him in our own way.

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